George is unquestionably one of the most perceptive, astute and intelligent cats to ever own a human and we are indeed fortunate that he has agreed to allow us to include him here so that you can enjoy some of his musings.

Dr Jennings is a proud graduate (and post-graduate) of the University of Adelaide Medical School (the best in the world). Among his greatest debts in life he includes the quality of his clinical medical teachers and his wonderful thesis supervisors. They included John Playford, Ron Norris, Judith Raftery, Neville Hicks, Wray Vamplew and Eric Richards.

He has practised medicine for more than four decades. He acknowledges that without the support of his cats, he would never have got anywhere. If he has any regrets it is that the old University that he knew, a close community of scholars with a respect for heritage and the great men who endowed it, seems to have been replaced by a ruthless corporate culture of profit with a disregard for the past.

For more than ten years in association with his wife he worked for the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, giving solo GPs a break. He has worked from Woomera and Ceduna in the Far North and West, down to Beachport in the Southeast. The country doctor is the roof and crown of the profession and the deliberate systematic destruction of the medical profession by the federal government over the past years, which has seen the on-going crisis in rural medical manpower, has been one of great unrecognised tragedies of Australian medicine.

But governments learn nothing from their mistakes. Having thrown millions of dollars at aboriginal health for decades and ended up with a worse mess than before they started, they are now repeating the throw-money-out-of-a-44 gallon drum approach with medical “reform.” In due course the Caucasian population of Australia can no doubt look forward to enjoying the same standard of health as is currently the lot of the aboriginals. This will no doubt be regarded as a great triumph of equality over discrimination.

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