We specialise in the assessment of permanent impairment which results from injury and/or accident.

We are accredited by Return To Work and the Motor Accident Injury Assessment Scheme (MAIAS).

Our work also includes the provision of medical~legal reports in most jurisdictions, independent medical examinations and evaluations.

Because of the volume and complexity of our referrals please understand that there is usually a four week or more wait for an appointment. Nor can reports be written in unrealistic time frames. A minimum of a month is generally the best that we can do. People have to be thoroughly examined and many documents are complex and time consuming. We have found that both referrers and their clients understand and accept this. So – if you want an appointment within two weeks and a report produced in ten days – please find someone else.

In respect of Return to Work and MAIAS we can evaluate the following.

• Spine                                                • Hernia

• Upper extremity                                • Lower extremity

• Skin

If the need arises for an urgent assessment, particularly in connection with judicial proceedings, then we will do our best to assist you. Discuss your requirement with Jody or Chelsea. Our priority is to do what we can to avoid litigation, try and keep the peace and assist negotiation and settlement. We don’t always succeed and no doubt we occasionally make things worse.

Operating at the very bottom of the food chain in a highly politicised Daedalian environment is not always easy and free of frustration.

But all of us at Clinical Medicine try very hard to keep our sense of humour and keep in mind the admonition of St. Paul in Corinthians 11.19.


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